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how you say things matters

work colleagues and I got in an argument. I complete understand their reasoning behind “Don’t do the thing”. I’m even happy not to do the thing. I care how you ask me not to do it. 

Opal, please don’t do the thing for these reasons.  - this is a good way

Opal, I know you enjoy the thing, and really, I do to, but unfortunately we can’t do the thing because of reasons.  - also good

Hey, sorry, you know the thing? We can’t do it. Here’s some reasons.  - good!

See previous facebook post about forbidden thing. Don’t do forbidden thing.  Opal, see above.  - not helpful.  It’s vague and grumpy.

If you don’t want me to do the thing, just say so. Be clear and kind; I will happily agree with you. Be harsh and vague and I’ll resent the heck out of you (and bitch about you on tumblr). 


As a college student you’re either struggling academically, financially, or emotionally. Or all three.

Black Widow [fighting style analysis]



[Hulk] [Captain America] [Thor] [Hawkeye] [Iron Man] [Loki]


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uh YES. i need more meta like this in my life on the regular.


okay but agent weaver trying not to laugh when skye tells ward that ‘bad seed’ isn’t a SHIELD term, just a term. 


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