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every time you write fic where its primarily about one pairing but you include and celebrate the characters’ other friends, family and loved ones, where you acknowledge that they have other important connections

small animals everywhere are suddenly more fond of you, the wind feels gentle, and the fresh smell of cut grass and crushed flowers lifts the spirits of someone who is having a bad day

and every time you write fic that demonises, ignores, aggressively mischaracterises and stereotypes the characters’ other important connections for the sake of cheap shitty angst

an angel whispers ‘yeah but nah, mate’.

they are an Australian angel and they are extremely tired of their job. how did this happen to them, why does it keep happening, why don’t people understand that no man is an island, that gross character bashing is dull and boring and 99% time entirely out of character.

then the angel gets a latte and eats a mediocre spanakopita to help them get through the day.



Just found out I sketched while tipsy drunk last night…ops.

And apparently my drunken mind went to philinda…Messy, dirty and not - how do you say it? Proportioned? Balanced? But still…have fun.

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You sketch pretty damn well drunk :)

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